4 Actions To Take After Being Involved in a Pedestrian Accident

Being involved in a car accident can change your life forever, but the risk of serious injuries can be greater when you are struck while walking. Pedestrian accidents are on the rise, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, which notes that fatalities increased by more than three percent in 2018. If you were injured in this kind of incident, there are a few actions you may want to take to ensure the coverage of your medical bills and other necessary compensation.

  1. Gather Your Medical Bills 

Filing a personal injury lawsuit may help you recoup financial loss as a result of the medical bills you incurred after the accident. If the negligent party denies fault or his or her insurance company wants you to settle for less than what you believe is fair, gather your medical bills and ask your doctor or attending hospital to compile a medical report so you can present these documents to an attorney.

  1. Act Quickly 

Most states have a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. Most limit the right to two years, but in some cases, you may have injuries that are not immediately evident. These delayed symptoms may extend the time allotted, but you may want to ask your lawyer about the specific rules that exist in your state of residence.

  1. Name Witnesses  

If your pedestrian accident case goes to court, the burden of proof will likely be on you, the plaintiff, to prove negligence on the part of the driver. Witness accounts may help strengthen your case, so you may want to reach out to those who were present. For example, if a witness saw the driver talking on his or her car phone and failed to see you in the crosswalk, this could boost the validity of your claim.

  1. Avoid Discussing Fault Out of Court 

Once your case goes to court, you may want to avoid discussing the details or revealing information about your case on social media. You may inadvertently describe certain aspects of your case that the defendant or his or her lawyers could use against you in court. It may be wise to avoid discussing the case at all, even if you are certain about who was at fault.

Pedestrian accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and affect your ability to work or care for your family, but there are ways to recover from the financial burden of medical bills. Speak to an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer in Trenton, NJ, today for more information and assistance.



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