Common Causes and Symptoms of Brain Injury

Someone who is dealing with a traumatic brain injury will have a lot on his or her plate. The caregivers for that individual will also have a lot to deal with. The good news is there are plenty of resources available to both victims and caregivers. While this doesn’t fix the issue, it can make it more manageable and less stressful. If you’re not sure if your loved one is dealing with TBI, it’s important you take him or her to a physician to get checked out. The following are some common causes and symptoms that you may want to pay attention to in the meantime.

Common TBI Causes

TBI can happen after a variety of different events, and it will be different from one person to the next. Your loved one won’t always have an open wound or a fracture in the skull. Sometimes the injury is completely hidden. Some common causes for these situations include:

  • Car accidents – TBI happens when the brain is given a sudden jolt, and that’s exactly what happens in a car accident. The accident doesn’t have to be severe, either. It’s possible a simple fender-bender could cause someone a brain injury.
  • Slip and fall accidents – Going from vertical to horizontal in half a second is never a good situation. The distance and speed at which a person’s head will hit the ground in a slip and fall accident makes it a dangerous situation in which someone could end up with TBI.
  • Violence – There are a lot of domestic violence situations that end with brain injury. This might include a shaken baby, a shooting or a fist fight between two people.
  • Bomb blasts – Whether during a military attack or other situation, people who are exposed to bomb blasts and other extremely loud and powerful explosions could experience TBI, either now or in the future.

Symptoms to Look For

It’s important you know what symptoms to look for so your loved one can receive proper care and treatment in a timely manner. It’s possible for symptoms to occur without the individual realizing there has been a serious enough accident, but especially if you know your loved one was in some type of accident, look for:

  • Vision problems
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Speech and communication problems
  • Memory issues
  • Seizures
  • Changes in personality

Receiving the Help You Need

After taking your loved one to a doctor, be sure you have the other resources you need. Contact a brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, today to learn what you can do to receive compensation for your loved one’s injury.

Thank you to the experts at Darrell Castle & Associates for their insight into brain injuries and the law.