The Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

No one ever wants to file a personal injury claim, as it can come with a lot of hassle and stress. However, if you’ve been injured in a car accident or on the job, it may be necessary to keep your head above water as medical bills and other expenses pour in. You may wonder how to file a claim and what can even be filed for. Here is a rundown of damages that can determine your claim’s worth. As long as you can prove the damages came from the accident, there is no reason to suffer immense financial loss on top of your injury.

Medical Bills

The amount of your medical bills depends on the severity of your injury. If you’ve suffered greatly, your bills may be enormous and costly. Multiple appointments, surgeries, and physical therapy are all a part of your recovery and therefore a result of the accident. These bills can be included in your damages and prove exactly how much your claim is worth on the medical side of things. Keep track of all your medical expenses that resulted from the injury. These documents will be vital in proving how much money you deserve after the accident.

Pain and Suffering

This is more of a grey area because it cannot be translated perfectly to monetary terms. However, you can gain compensation for pain and suffering that you’ve endured because of your injury. This may be incredibly important if your road to recovery has been long and plagued with problems.

Other Damages

No longer being able to work can also count toward your total compensation. Proving that you are not working and are losing money from a lack of income can bring reimbursement later. If your vehicle is damaged in the accident, then you can also make a claim for property damage. The monetary value of the car will be taken from its current worth and other variables, which will be returned to you in your compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys

To be rightfully compensated by insurance, it is necessary to prove that the damages were caused by the accident. This is why keeping good records of everything related to the accident is important. You can use these documents as evidence of your losses. A personal injury lawyer, can help you navigate these tricky waters to get the most out of a terrible situation. They have fees as well, but they normally do not get paid until your claim has been settled or won in court.