Things To Say to Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Things To Say to Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Auto insurance companies are out to make money, and this can negatively impact you when you try to make a claim for your car accident. No matter who is at fault for the collision, you need to inform your insurance agent as soon as you can. However, there are certain things to tell them and certain things to omit to make your claim easier. Your goal is to get the most compensation for your damages so that you don’t have to pay for injuries and repairs yourself, and knowing what to say to insurance can help with that from the beginning.

Report the Accident

You should definitely report your accident to insurance right away. If you don’t do it at the scene of the collision, make the call as soon as you get home. They need to know about it so they can prepare for your claim, even if you ultimately decide not to make one. If you’re confused or dazed after the wreck, an insurance agent can also make sure you complete the right steps like swapping driver information and taking pictures.

Stick to the Facts

It can be tempting to blurt out that you caused the accident or to speculate about what happened, but this is never a good idea when speaking to insurance. Saying that you think you are at fault or that you have no injuries can be a critical mistake. If insurance hears any reason they don’t have to pay your compensation, they’ll use it as an excuse. Instead of inputting your opinion, simply explain the facts of the accident and what happened. This way they have something to work with, but they can’t blame you for it.

Don’t Make Your Statement Official

The insurance company may ask to record your conversation or request an official statement. To be on the safe side, just say no. If the accident is right in your rearview mirror, you may not have had time to digest and untangle what happened, and you may end up saying something that is wrong or untrue. However, if insurance is allowed to take your statement, they can refer to it even if it is incorrect. Instead, make a casual report and take time to fully comprehend what has happened before speaking to them again.

If you have trouble talking with insurance, get a lawyer to do it for you. Car accident lawyers, similar to an auto accident lawyer from Unidos Legales, stand-in on the behalf of clients all the time, and they can help you say the right thing to get the largest compensation.