Information When Facing Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges of any kind can be terrifying. Especially if this is your first time facing any charges like this, you are entirely unsure of what to expect, what the odds are that you will go to jail or prison, and how your life will change. The criminal defense attorneys want you to know that we are here to help with these criminal charges. We have the background necessary in criminal law to understand how to go through court procedures, how to file motions, and how to negotiate. Especially when you do not have a legal background, all of these things can seem very overwhelming. To see how a lawyer can help you with your criminal defense case, please give a law office a call. 

What are the Miranda warnings?

You see it all the time on police TV shows. A police officer is arresting someone and they begin reading the Miranda warnings. While TV shows often exaggerate things, this is actually something very important to hear if a police officer is arresting you. When a police officer interrogates you but does not read the Miranda warnings, it is possible that your attorney could get anything used in that interrogation thrown out. If a police officer just takes you down to the station with them but does not hold you in custody and interrogate you, they do not have to read you the Miranda warnings. 

What do police use search warrants for?

Search warrants allow police officers to conduct a search for specific things at specific places. However, a police officer cannot simply assume that you have drugs in your house or a murder weapon in your bedroom and ask a judge to sign a search warrant. Instead, they must provide the judge with probable cause before getting the search warrant. The search is usually specific to the parameters established by the warrant. That said, a police officer does not always need the warrant to conduct a search. If there is something that is declared an emergency, evidence that could be lost if they do not take action immediately, or if you give consent, they can conduct a search without a warrant. 

If you are facing criminal charges and have questions about what happened when the police were gathering evidence or when they were arresting you, please contact a constitutional rights lawyer immediately. It is important that you have a criminal defense attorney on your side quickly so that we can begin gathering evidence for your defense.