Finding a Lawyer for Your Knee Injury

If you’re facing pain and financial damage due to a knee injury you experienced in the workplace, you should reach out to a qualified work injury lawyer. Experienced work injury attorneys have seen people enduring personal injury cases for many years. If your injury is a result of an accident, or negligence of another party in the workplace, seeking legal counsel might be a good idea. As a work injury lawyer can explain, you will want to deal with highly trained and compassionate attorneys who will serve your needs during this painful time.

It is essential to review your past, as well as your current and future condition. Workplace accident attorneys need to know what symptoms you are suffering now, as well as your history of knee injuries. A work injury attorney might even request to consult with an experienced medical professional such as the best knee doctor in your area. This is so your attorney can obtain the full scope of your injury and ensure proper compensation. If your physician has suggested a knee injury is reoccurring in the future, your work injury lawyer must know not to close your case before awarding full compensation.

Symptoms of a Knee Injury

  1. Stiffness and swelling of the area
  2. Warm to the touch
  3. Redness on or around the site
  4. Crunching or popping of the knee
  5. Inability to straighten out your knee fully

When Should I See My Physician?

–       If you cannot bear weight on your knee and it cannot adequately support you

–       If you have a noticeable mark or swelling on the knee

–       If you cannot flex your knee easily or extend out to its capacity

–       If you observe an odd change or deformity of your leg and/or knee

–       If you have a fever along with pain, swelling and/or redness of the injury site

–       If you experience your knee “gives out” or is not stable, reliable

What Happened to My Knee?

You might be facing a specific type of injury to your knee; an ACL injury, fracture, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, or patellar tendinitis. If any of these symptoms apply to you and could be a direct result of an unsafe work environment, or the fault of another person in the workplace, you should seek a work injury lawyer who knows the specific legalities and can assist with the process.

Work injury lawyers believe the person or company that could have caused your injury should be held accountable in the court of law for damages to your body and finances. You might be compensated for medical costs, time away from work, in addition to pain and suffering, contact a workers compensation lawyer Palm Beach Gardens for more information with our friends at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt, today!