4 Questions for Your DUI Attorney


When you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you might have many questions about how this could change your life. Will you face jail time? Will your license get suspended? How will a charge affect your ability to travel to your job? Contacting an attorney in regards to the charges you face may give you peace of mind as you navigate this trying time.

  1. Can I Be Charged Via Blood Alcohol Content? 

Blood alcohol content is one of the most important factors related to your DUI charge. The legal limit across the United States is 0.08 %, and if you were pulled over for suspicion of DUI and a field sobriety test proves your BAC is over this line, you can be charged with DUI at that moment. However, there are certain circumstances where you will face charges even if you are under the legal limit, such as if you are under the legal drinking age or if there minors present in the car.

  1. What If I Refused a Breathalyzer Test? 

If law enforcement pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence and you refuse a breathalyzer or any field sobriety test, this could make circumstances worse for you. When you obtain a driver’s license, you agree to what is known as implied consent, which means you agree to any requested tests, whether they occur when you are pulled over or at a facility if you are arrested. If you refuse implied consent, you could lose your license for up to one year and face harsher punishments in court if convicted of DUI.

  1. What Is Per Se DUI? 

The police officer who pulled you over may tell you that your charges stem from a per se DUI law. This means that at the time of detainment, a field sobriety test measured your BAC at over the legal limit. As such, the arresting officer requires no further proof of inebriation. You can ask your attorney about how a per se DUI charge might affect your case.

  1. What If This Is My First Offense? 

If this is your first DUI offense, you may face reduced fines and no criminal charges that could include jail time and serious fines. However, if another driver or any passengers were seriously injured in a crash that involved alcohol, a first offense may not protect you from criminal penalties.

A DUI charge can turn your world upside down, but you do not have to face the future alone. Contact a DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA, like from May Law, LLP, today to schedule an initial consultation and for further assistance.