What Benefits Are Associated With Workers Compensation?

When you’re at work, you expect to have an environment where you can safely perform your duties. Regardless of what industry you work in, you deserve to have the right equipment, tools and protection to keep you from harm. Unfortunately, injuries can still occur on the job. Some of these may be ill-time accidents or bad luck. Others may happen because your employer neglect to train you properly didn’t follow safety regulations. No matter what caused the issues, if you are injured at work, you should be entitled to Workers Compensation benefits.

Payment of Medical Costs

If you are injured on the job, Workers Compensation benefits should cover the expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. This means you should get compensation to pay for medication, medical equipment, hospital stays, surgeries, doctor’s office visits and transportation related to your care. The benefit may either be a payout to you or reimbursement for payments you have already made, whether they were co-pays or costs of services performed.

Payment for Missed Time at Work

If the workplace incident left you unable to return to work for a period, Workers Compensation will pay a portion of your salary that you would have earned had you been at work. The benefit typically will cover two-thirds of your pay and will last up to two years.

Payment for Training

Severe injuries may make it difficult or impossible for you to continue functioning in your job, requiring you to switch positions. If the new vocation requires you to learn a set of new skills, Workers Compensation should cover the costs of the training, including courses and certifications.

Payment for Impairment

Whether physically, emotionally or mentally, the injury you suffered could take a significant toll. You may qualify for a disability payment if the nature of your injuries is hindering your ability to do your job effectively. These consequences are common, even if to a small degree.

Death Benefits

In the worst situations, an incident in the workplace could cause the death of a family member. In most places in the United States, dependents can file a Workers Compensation claim to pay for the funeral and burial expenses of the deceased loved one.

Suffering an injury at work can be taxing in many ways. While you recover, you shouldn’t be left with the financial burden of paying medical bills and making up for lost pay. Workers Compensation benefits can help you manage these challenges, and if they aren’t, consult with a work accident attorney in Newark right away.



Thanks to Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. for their insight into workers compensation and benefit options.