Nursing Home Abuse Evidence

Nursing Home Neglect

While you or your loved one may expect to live independently for all times of your life, there is a chance that a nursing home may come in handy as certain tasks become more difficult with age. Nursing homes provide care to their residents or patients through a variety of different services. These services range from memory care to medicine administering and also provide some other things like social events. While nursing homes are certainly helpful for numerous people, some negatives can occasionally come from them. Nursing home neglect is something that has been known to have occurred in nursing homes around the country. It’s important to always do your research before moving into one of these homes for you or your loved one. 

Evidence of Neglect

Evidence of nursing home neglect or abuse can present itself in a few different ways. Malnutrition could be occurring and some signs to observe in your loved one are rapid weight loss or dehydration. If you are seeing strange bruises on your loved one that don’t make much sense as to how they could’ve gotten there, then this could be signs of abuse. Other injuries that don’t make much sense could’ve occurred like broken bones or cuts. Frequent illnesses are another thing to watch out for, which could be evidence of poor sanitation and cleanliness practices of the nursing home. Some other forms of neglect or abuse could be:

  • Bed Sores – shows a lack of willingness to allow the resident to move about
  • Your loved one having fear of speaking around staff or management
  • Frequent sedation from medication administered by nursing home

What to do if you Believe Neglect or Abuse is Occurring

If you believe that your loved one is legitimately being abused or neglected at their nursing home, then there are a few different options that can be taken. If it’s a very serious claim of abuse, then contacting the police or authorities should be done, especially in the case of unexplainable injuries or threats. Seeking legal counsel is another way of holding the nursing home accountable by having a case to prove the claim of neglect. Compensation could be awarded for your claim and can help to end the abuse for your loved one or other residents of that nursing home. If you are looking for a nursing home neglect lawyer in NJ, then lawyers from a firm like Davis & Brusca, LLC may be of assistance to you.