Marketing Versus Advertising

What is the difference between marketing and advertising? The simple answer is that marketing includes advertising and building your name brand. Marketing isn’t always designed to get more clients, whereas advertising is always designed to gain clients. 

Spending Money on Marketing

Why would anyone spend money on marketing? If you want to create a deeper connection with existing and potential clients, then you have to market. This is becoming more important than ever. How many of you have looked around your establishment only to see everyone on their phones and not speaking to each other? No matter how frustrating this can be to many of us, the reality is that this behavior is becoming the norm. You can either accept it or jump onto the bandwagon.

How do you effectively market your business? First and foremost, you must create a plan designed around what you want to accomplish. For example, blogs and video blogs can inform others about what you do. You can create them to try to connect with others, and reach others in the same field as you. 

How Social Media Can Help 

Change the script and look at what can be done through social media. Some people specifically use social media for advertising and for connecting with their clients. They use social media as a way to introduce their team to their clients. They have interviews and updates about their waiters, waitresses, cooks, and even their cleaning crew. The intent of these posts is to make their team and clients feel like family. Next, the restaurant uses social media to show off the atmosphere of their bar and restaurant. Again, trying to connect with their current clients and people who aren’t yet clients, to show them what they should expect when they walk through the door into their establishment.

Advertising by Using Social Media

Lastly, is the use of social media for advertising.This very same client uses social media to display their menu and their daily specials. Remember, your daily specials can include dessert items, anything special on tap or behind the bar, and even special events. These types of social media posts are specifically designed to get customers to come through the door to buy that product or be a part of a special event.

Hopefully, as you can see, there is a big difference between selling a product and building a brand. In the end, all of these methods are a form of marketing. The crazy part is that social media has desensitized us to advertising, so you have to be consistent with your posts if you are going to use social media as your main form of marketing. It used to be that on average, you had to show someone a product seven times before they were going to buy it. Now, you have to show them the product 22 times, on average, before they will buy the product. To make these many posts, you have to have a plan and be deliberate in its execution. Remember, you can make it fun for both you and your clients!

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