6 Signs That You Should Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

If you are injured in a car accident that someone else caused, it is typically better to hire a personal injury attorney sooner rather than later. There are no requirements for you to wait to hire an attorney. However, not all accidents are serious enough to require legal counsel. Here are some signs that you should think about contacting someone to represent you after your car accident.

  1. Additional Parties Are Involved

In addition to you and the other driver, the accident may involve others, such as pedestrians, vehicle passengers, and drivers of other vehicles. If more parties are involved, the aftermath of the accident becomes more complicated and it becomes advisable to hire an attorney.

  1. Other Parties Have Hired Their Own Attorneys

You may not know right away if other parties have hired their own legal representation. However, if you do find out that there are other attorneys involved, you may want to hire one of your own.

  1. The Police Report Is Inaccurate

Law enforcement officers work hard to accurately describe what happened at an accident scene. However, everyone makes mistakes, and the report may contain a few. An inaccurate police report can hurt your case, so you may need an attorney to sort out the issue.

  1. The Other Driver Lacks Insurance Coverage

The driver may be uninsured or only carry the minimum amount of coverage. This may not be enough to compensate you for damages. You may need an attorney to advise you of your options. An attorney may also be helpful if you experience issues with your own insurance carrier.

  1. The Accident Occurred in a Construction Zone

Construction zones are particularly hazardous. That is why officials impose temporary speed limits while road construction is going on that are slower than what they would usually be. Drivers are expected to take extra precautions to avoid hitting other vehicles or construction workers. If they do not and you suffer serious injury as a result, you may need the help of an attorney.

  1. You Sustained a Serious Injury

If you’re lucky, you will sustain only minor injuries in a car accident that resolve within a few weeks. However, if your injuries are more serious, you may need the assistance of a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Longwood, FL, to help you recover damages. The reason is that the insurance company does not want to pay you what you really deserve and may try to pressure you or trick you into accepting a low settlement offer.

It doesn’t hurt to ask an attorney if you need legal representation after your car accident. An experienced law firm would be happy to answer any questions that you have when you contact their office.



Thanks to David & Philpot, PL for their insight into some of the reasons you should hire an attorney after a car accident.